Blackwing Sweden AB

Blackwing har konstruerat världens bästa kompositflygplan. En av anledningarna är att det är byggt i extremt stark och lätt kolfiber. Airbus, Boeing och SAAB använder samtliga ”prepreg tekniken” i sin tillverkning. Den största fördelen är den höga kvalitén men också det låga antalet underkända detaljer. Blackwing är ensamma om att använda denna teknik för sportflygplan i Europa.

Så här presenterar sig bolaget på sin egen sida;

Experience true performance
BLACKWING is the result of combining state of the art materials with over 20 years of research in high performance aerodynamics. We are proud to introduce, for the first time in this category, an aircraft with a VNE of 400 km/h. Even more important is the green arc, maximum gust load at Sea-Level, being the same as the maximum speed at SL, 302 km/h. (100HP Rotax) The predictable flight characteristics, including spins, make the aircraft just as suitable for basic flight training as for advanced aerobatics. The aircraft combines short-field takeoff and landings with high speed performance. Advanced simulations and materials enabled us to design BLACKWING to withstand +12G/-8G still being extremely light. If you want to push your flying skills, BLACKWING is for you.

Advanced aerodynamic design
The unique wing has extremely low drag and high lift. The backswept tapered winglets are optimized for extremely short takeoffs, and impressive climb rate, without adding any drag at cruise. The laminar airfoil is specially developed for the BLACKWING platform and is the key to the outstanding performance and flight characteristics. The geometry is based on hundreds of hours of simulations and wind tunnel testing. After 350 hours of real flight testing, the advanced aerodynamics have been demonstrated.

Edge Technology
BLACKWING SWEDEN has designed the world’s best composite sport aircraft. One of the reasons is the use of an extremely strong, and lightweight Swedish carbon fibre, called ’Textreme’. The carbon fiber is impregnated with epoxy resin at the factory, ensuring a superb quality and low weight (prepreg). This technology is used by large Aerospace companies like Airbus, Boeing, and SAAB.

Higher comfort and elegant functionality
BLACKWING has unique visibility, with its low cut canopy. This feature also makes it easier to enter the aircraft. The ergonomically shaped lightweight carbon fiber seats, with adjustable positions, provide maximum comfort. The use of modern glass panel instrumentation, with touch interface, creates a very clean panel and improves safety. Both wings and the horizontal tail are detachable for easy transportation. Fuel capacity up to 140 liters.

Safety First
BLACKWING is designed for aerobatic training, including spins. It’s behavior is very predictable, at both low and high speed. The fuselage incorporates a roll over bar (that can withstand 3 times its own weight). The fuselage and seatbelts are simulated to withstand forward accelerations above 20G. An airframe parachute is available for extra safety.

With BLACKWING there is no attitude, other than your own…

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