Engaging Care

Gamified technology drives behavior change
Engaging Care Sweden develops technology for a lasting lifestyle change. People with chronic or
lifestyle related diseases will be empowered for health improvement with a groundbreaking technology.
By combining science and treatment programs, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, Engaging Care is
able to engage the user in creating new habits for better health and a better quality of life.
Sophisticated analytics uncover patterns in complex data sets for a deeper understanding of the impact
of habits on health and well-being. The technology is new and advanced – but easy to use. For patients
and care givers, Engaging Care enables simple communication of relevant health data. Administration
and follow-ups will forever be easier.

Engaging Care was founded in the Swedish university town of Lund in 2015. The idea is based on a wide
range of skills, from different disciplines: neuroscience, behavioral knowledge, gamification, user experience
and information technology. The platform is flexible – it is made to maintain a sustainable solution for digital
healthcare systems of the future. Security is always a priority, as Engaging Care also makes it possible to
gather health data from all around the world.
Today, Engaging Care is used by obese patients in the county of Blekinge, Sweden. We are also currently
involved in an organ transplant project with the governmental region of Scania, in the south of Sweden,
Region Skåne – a vast institution, responsible for all public healthcare in the region. Using Engaging Care is
easy – just get in touch, and we will be excited to show you how.

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